Sas Kaykha

Director // DoP // Hamburg


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Who Am I ?

Sas Kaykha   

Director / director of photography

Over 20 years of experience in filmmaking and action sports.





Compact history (full CV on request):

1990-1994  Actor at theater

1995-2000 Cameraman and editor, local video production

2003-2004 Assistant to director, internship and video production at Kassel State Theater

2005-2006 Unit manager // working for Studio Hamburg Camera Rental

2006-2008 Studies in film directing, Hamburg

2007-2009 DoP // Steadicam // editing // production of commercials

2009-2010 Freelance director, DOP, commercials and music videos, stunt coordinator //editing

2010-2011 DoP TV series // director commercials, action sports // editing

2012-2013 Director, TV Show „Steven liebt Kino“ (Pro7/Tele5)

2014-2015 Director at pixelgate media GmbH

2016           Freelance director / DoP

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