Your benefit: direct contact to the director’s department, no unnecessary bureaucratic and time-consuming detours – going straight to the point!
As director of sas-image I´ll be in constant exchange with you, and together we’ll develop the tailored screenplay.

I’ll set up the optimum and tailor-made team for your project, starting with production, directing, camera department, complete post production, actors as well as stuntmen and VFX.


Doing action sports myself for over 25 years, this is my dedicated subject.
Motorcycle, bikes, cars, skateboarding, parkour, explosions, …
All captured with our camera systems, drones and special rigs.

Need some stuntmen or action athletes? Get in contact with me.



Trade fairs, concerts and internal events.
We are your event Ninjas – unobtrusive and always in the background.
Covering with video and photo in a small team or big production.
On-stage audio support, live streaming.
Hyperlapse shots  possible to make your event videos even more action-packed.



With my music crew i create individual pieces of music
for all kinds of films, also trailer music or jingles.

Analogous or modern?
Our little music studio offers all kinds of sound machines.


-Video (4K, 8K, high speed)/ photo / drone
-High discretion, high security standard
-Completely internet-free workflow
-Selected crew with background check

Optional: Personal high speed delivery and security


With Patricia Geisler, I am working with a talented photographer
who will enrich your project with her photographic skills and creative eye.
The collaboration between video production and photography
opens up completely new possibilities for telling your stories.
Spice up your videos with a stunning time travel through all 4 dimensions
and contact me for individual hyperlapse shots.