Why i still love (and use) my 5D MkIII

April 11, 2016
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April 11, 2016 elsaso

Why i still love (and use) my 5D MkIII

(Scroll down for the video)
Due to Magic Lantern, i got fullframe HD / 2K Raw video with this cam. I love it.  So there`s no real reason (besides handling) to switch to a bigger cam like the FS7 for smaller projects.
If you did not know, my hometown is badass beautiful, so i shot some clips over the last years during my holidays to

-show how nice our place is
-prove (to myself) that the cam is still useable
-do what every filmmaker does during his spare time: filming

So again, a fake movie trailer came out.


The raw workflow is pretty simple and you get into it over time.

You got MLV files with metadata in it, which you have to convert to DNGs. Converting goes almost real time.

I open them in ACR for debayering and light cc, and export 12 bit AVI files. You even can create proxy files in AE and use dynamic link to Premiere.

Enjoy the video, Eschwege has a lot to offer: Lakes, mountains, castles- nature at it´s best.

If you´re in Germany and looking for a nice place to relax and have a good time- Eschwege

Set role: Camera, editing

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