Da ich privat auch ein ziemlicher Techniknerd bin, bietet das Testen von Filmequipment natürlich eine gute Abwechslung.
Hin und wieder habe ich also kleine oder größere, mal mehr oder weniger blinkende, lustige Spielzeuge in der Post.
Kling erstmal ziemlich nach Sextoys, ist aber viel besser!

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Why i still love (and use) my 5D MkIII

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Due to Magic Lantern, i got fullframe HD / 2K Raw video with this cam. I love it.  So there`s no real reason (besides handling) to switch to a bigger cam like the FS7 for smaller projects.
If you did not know, my hometown is badass beautiful, so i shot some clips over the last years during my holidays to
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Beholder DS 1 gimbal hands on

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Being a steadicam operator for many a year, I´ve always been in search of a piece of equipment that I could take on tour on a backpack and use with long focal length. Climbing on bridges while filming makes it way easier with a gimbal than with a steadicam. And much safer. Read more

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